The Hidden Power - system thinking podcasts

Philip Tottenham & Ed Straw have produced a series of 6 podcasts, which can all be found here:

Why is it so hard to get things in government to work well, will real civil service reform ever happen, and is the political party competition the answer? There is massive contrast between most people’s perception of power in government, and the way it actually works. Politics and the government ‘machine’ point in one direction, effective power usually lies in another.

This is the substance of the first series of The Hidden Power podcast, and we have welcome contributions from:

Talking points:

            - My journey to realising the truth about power

            - Why ‘power’ doesn’t work

            - What effective change looks like: systems thinking

            - How it works: Frome and Shaldon

Episode 1 was out on October 10th. Five others are also now available.