CSH advanced

CSH6 Critical Systems Heuristics - Advanced (0.5d)


CSH6 Critical Systems Heuristics - Advanced (0.5d)

The advanced module will providers learners with the knowledge and skills required for integrating the use of CSH. It covers:

  • application of CSH at different scales from a single team to a multi-organisation or institutional system,
  • how the underlying Systems Laws and Concepts are embodied in the CSH method,
  • handling participation issues and multiple perspectives when engaging with stakeholders,
  • ways to integrate CSH with other approaches.

The course uses a real-world example of practice, as well as case study subjects, and contains both presentation and group participative activity for attendees. There is preparatory course work required for the Core and Advanced modules, up to 4-hrs of reading and on-line research in total.

The training is presented by Tony Korycki, a practitioner in systems thinking, alongside methods for business improvement, process management and architecture, organisational design, quality, benefits management and operational measurement.

Tony has a Postgraduate Diploma in Systems Thinking in Practice, and has worked with professional practitioner and knowledge sharing groups for many years, in several spheres.

He is supporting author, with Patrick Hoverstadt, of the Steve Hales book ‘Reframing ITIL’; applying systems thinking to service management of Information & Communications Technology.

£250 +VAT