ICS2 Facilitation Skills for Systems Practice Interventions (0.5d)


ICS2 Facilitation Skills for Systems Practice Interventions (0.5d)

This course provides learners with an understanding of the facilitation relationship in the context of systems intervention itself, and of the challenges it brings. It introduces a range of tools and practices for facilitation and provides guidance on workshop planning. Finally, it compares various approaches to facilitation, enabling learners to develop a stronger sense of the kind of facilitator they want to be.

Topics covered include:

  • The facilitraining rainbow – where do you stand? 
  • Divergence, emergence, convergence; 
  • Differentiation and integration method; 
  • Adaptive change; 
  • Facilitation for ‘robust systems’; 
  • Session planning and session flow; 
  • The perceptual positions; 
  • Ground rules for workshops and ways into partnership; 
  • Maintaining your authenticity; 
  • Peter Block’s ‘six conversations that matter’; 
  • Chris Corrigan’s ‘seven little helpers’; 
  • Hosting and guiding and/or customer services; 
  • Context cues; 
  • History and three futures; 
  • Power tools and making concrete – Naming The Thing. 

These courses are delivered by Benjamin P Taylor, an expert in systems, cybernetics, and complexity in service transformation.

£250 +VAT