PoS3 Patterns of Strategy - Core Module (1.0d)


PoS3 Patterns of Strategy - Core Module (1.0d)

This is the second of two core modules and builds on PoS1 - foundation and PoS2 - the first day of the core module. It is recommended that this course is not taken without taking the preceding module.

Patterns of Strategy is a systemic approach to strategy that reveals and utilises the hidden drivers of emergent strategy. In PoS3, we’ll explain how to handle the practicalities of moving from strategy development to planning and execution. That includes a sequenced plan overtly linked to the manoeuvres in your strategy, along with metrics and communication of the strategy. And there will be opportunity to apply your learning to a case and to your own strategic situation.

PoS3 will help you:

  • Understand how to build a strategy execution plan including measurement, and how to test strategy options.
  • Practise these ideas assessing a current strategic situation or a case.
  • Appreciate the characteristics of agile strategy.


Trainers These courses are delivered by one of the developers of PoS:  Patrick Hoverstadt, co-author of ‘Patterns of Strategy ’ which is the text on PoS.

£500 +VAT