PoS5 Patterns of Strategy - Advanced Module (1.0d)


PoS5 Patterns of Strategy - Advanced Module (1.0d)

This workshop builds on the learning from Patterns of Strategy 1-4 and completes the full PoS course. The two advanced PoS workshops can be taken together or separately. It is recommended that this course is not taken without taking the preceding courses.

Patterns of Strategy is a systemic approach to strategy which integrates seamlessly with other core systems approaches for modelling the ecosystem of which your organisation is a part, designing transformation and understanding the capabilities of an organisation. In PoS5, we’ll continue building skill in its use by looking at how you can use an ecosystem model to develop scenarios, and then be able to identify opportunities to shape your environment to be a better fit for you. We’ll look at agility, and how to improve it in your organisation; this improves the strategic capability of your organisation. And we’ll draw together the connections between different systems approaches which link to strategy development.

PoS5 will help you build strategically capable organisations:

  • Develop strategic scenarios using Patterns of Strategy
  • Learn how to recognise which are the habitual patterns for your organisation and how to extend your strategy repertoire.
  • Be able to use the 80 strategy patterns to enrich your strategy debate.
  • Understand how to measure and build organisational agility to enable you to shorten your decision-action cycle.
  • Understand how to integrate Patterns of Strategy with other systems approaches and in the strategy War Room

Trainers These courses are delivered by one of the developers of PoS:  Patrick Hoverstadt, co-author of ‘Patterns of Strategy ’ which is the text on PoS.

£500 +VAT