SC102. Organisational Dynamics Viable System Modelling Intermediate


SC102. Organisational Dynamics Viable System Modelling Intermediate

The Workshop This is a whole day workshop which follows on from the workshop on the structure of an organisation and provides training in analysing the dynamics of an organisation using VSM. The attendees work together in groups to develop their model of a case study organisation and to diagnose weaknesses.

The workshop will introduce a set of tools used to understand and model the dynamics of organisations which the groups will then apply to the case study organisation. The tools introduced will include modelling complexity balances using amplifiers and attenuators, flow, and the dynamics of strategic relationships. We will look at how Ashby’s law affects the organisation, and work through how specific complexity imbalances drive instability in the organisation, its operations, strategy and relationships and how these three interact with one another.

The case study is based on the same real organisation used in the structures workshop – a medium sized IT and office supplies company and provides a platform for developing the skills needed to take normal organisational information, show how that relates to the VSM and how the VSM can provide a set of new insights into the company.

The workshop will be run by Patrick Hoverstadt of Fractal Consulting

United Kingdom

£40 for members/OU students and £100 for non-members