INF1 Introduction to Gathering Information (0.5d)


INF1 Introduction to Gathering Information (0.5d)

A half-day course that will introduce leaners to gathering information within systems thinking interventions and practice. The purpose of the session to enable learners to plan and conduct collaborative and systemic enquiry as part of a wider intervention or change project. It will include theory and definitions, tools, and some discussions and group work.

We will consider the position and role of enquiry and of analysis within an intervention cycle, including challenges and risks, and the issue of unknowability. We will define ‘information’, ‘enquiry’ and ‘analysis’ in systemic terms and will also discuss the relationships between data, information, knowledge, intelligence and understanding. There will be an overview of approaches for collaborative and/or systemic enquiry.

These courses are delivered by Aidan Loughran, an independent improvement consultant and Systems Thinking Practitioner with 11 years of improvement and efficiency work, and 9 years in performance management, measurement and intelligence in both public and private sector.

£250 +VAT