SCiO Enhanced Learning Club

  • Are you an Apprentice studying Systems Thinking?
  • Would you like to join like-minded people in exploring systems, practice, ideas, feelings and difficulties?

If yes to both, then the Enhanced Learning Club is for you!


SCiO is opening up Cohort 3 (Apprentice Edition) of the Enhanced Learning Club. Here, we have created a safe and accessible space where we can come together to explore systems ideas, concepts and approaches and together, grow our understanding and confidence.
This is the place to ask the ‘silly’ questions, to discuss your difficulties, to share your ideas and interpretations whilst helping others do the same. In the ELC, there are no novices, and no experts.

Please note: This cohort is open to anyone formally studying Systems Thinking and practice.

Cohort 1 looked at emergence – a group of four came together fortnightly for around 8 months to explore emergence as a concept. We ranged from the ‘uninitiated’ to ‘systems veterans’ and formed a strong bond which enabled us to be perplexed and confused in a good space. As well as creating a shared understanding of emergence, we worked through a ‘concept map’ of the preceding concepts and ideas, adding resources and links along the way. Our thinking was – you can understand emergence standalone, but to engineer it you needed to know the things it’s build upon.

Cohort 2 looked at culture – again, four people for approximately the same time. A similar bond was formed and we created a large whiteboard which documented our exploration of the concept. Whilst we held differing views on what culture was and how it’s created, the space was instrumental in helping us to each explore the concept, bouncing off each other’s ideas and interpretation.

Both groups:

  • Valued the safe space, coining the phrase “In ELC, there are no experts and no novices”
  • Used the space to air their confusion discuss things they didn’t quite get, and to ask questions of each other
  • To independently research and develop ideas for sharing with the group
  • Emerged with a greater sense of understanding and confidence around the topics discussed.

“ELC has been one of the best experiences I’ve had with SCiO”

“The conversations have been enjoyable and useful – I’ve valued the input of others and the space to ask the ‘silly’ questions”