VSM2&3 System Diagnosis & Design - VSM Core Modules (2.0d)


VSM2&3 System Diagnosis & Design - VSM Core Modules (2.0d)

These two courses are run a week apart (on Jan 26 and 2 Feb 2024), but can be taken together or separately. It will provide learners with a working knowledge of the Viable System Model and the ability to use it for understanding, diagnosing and designing organisational systems covering:

  • 2 approaches for diagnosing systems using VSM; 
  • Use of system archetypes; 
  • 3 approaches for system design using VSM. 

If you don’t know how to design an organisation to deliver your strategy, or how structural change happens in organisations, how effective can you be in implementing your strategy? For senior managers and aspiring senior managers, the organisation is the principal tool at their disposal. So, understanding how organisations function as systems is a critically important skill. These courses will provide students with practical skills in using VSM to diagnose organisational issues and to design solutions.


These courses are delivered by Patrick Hoverstadt, author of ‘Fractal Organization’ ,which is a standard text on VSM.

£1,000 +VAT