PoS1 Patterns of Strategy - Foundation (1.0d)


PoS1 Patterns of Strategy - Foundation (1.0d)

This one-day course will provide learners with an overview of the Patterns of Strategy approach.

Patterns of Strategy is a revolutionary approach to developing business strategy. It’s effective and simple to use, yet extremely powerful. Conventional approaches to strategy fail to deliver than 70% of the time (and more than 90%, according to some surveys) because they don’t take into account the systemic forces which are in play. Patterns of Strategy provides a framework and new vocabulary to understand the underlying forces driving strategic relationships and shows how to harness them so that an actor can improve its strategic fit in their environment. It enables the development of strategy for both collaboration and competition. And that’s important because while some organisations compete, all organisations collaborate.

This course will help you:

  • Have an overview of the Patterns of Strategy approach and how it differs from non-systemic approaches to strategy.
  • Understand the three dimensions of Patterns of Strategy: Fit, Power & Time.
  • Understand and have applied the elements for each dimension.
  • Have practised assessing a current strategic situation.
  • Have practised developing possible manoeuvres for the current strategic situation.

We will work in groups on a case example using PoS. The case is drawn from real life.


Trainers These courses are delivered by one of the developers of PoS:  Patrick Hoverstadt, co-author of ‘Patterns of Strategy ’ which is the text on PoS.

£500 +VAT