Critical systems heuristics (CSH) and viable systems model (VSM): contemporary challenges to promoting systems praxis.

Martin Reynolds (Dr)
18 April 2016

CSH and VSM derive from quite separate rich traditions of systems thinking, each with enigmatic original champions - C.West Churchman and Stafford Beer respetively. This session will open space to explore common and divergent lineages, challenges, and opportunities of each approach for the future prospects and developments of promoting systemic praxis in the Anthropocene. A particular focus will be on the peculiar capacity of both traditions to be adaptable whilst perhaps being less successful in being adopt-able; a feature possibly resulting from conventional management adherence towards contingency theory.

Martin is Senior Lecturer and Qualifications Lead for the postgrad programme in Systems Thinking in Practice at the Open University. He specialises in the application of critical systems thinking and, amongst many authored publications on the subject, was lead editor (with Sue Holwell) of the book Systems Approaches to Managing Change.