SCiO newsletter - 2012 spring (vol.8)

01 März 2012

Reflections on the year ahead – Patrick Hoverstadt; Evolving the Professional Development Programme in SCiO – Roger Duck & Elizabeth McDonnell; Book Review: Learning for Action – A Short Definitive Account of Soft Systems Methodology and its use for Practitioners, Teachers and Students.  Peter Checkland and John Poulter; Wiley (2010) – ISBN 0470025549; Learning to eat soup with a knife: John A Nagl. University of Chicago Press ISBN-13978022656770 9; The Art of Keeping Your Organisation Alive – Frank Wood; Innovation is a Political Act – Why Systemic Change Gets Eaten for Breakfast – Victor Newman; Leadership – a case of systemic failure? – William Tate; Systems Thinking for Adaptors and Innovators - Part 1 - Geoff Elliott & Roger James