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Roger Duck and Jane Searles share their recent experience of creating conditions to enable exploration of transformational systemic change. The work involved the collaborative development of a visionary whole system transition architecture. The specific context was regional transport, but the systemic methodology is of more general application, and they are keen to discuss with others in the interest of mutual learning. This work was originally... Read more
Patrick talks about his new book ‘The Grammar of Systems’ which is in two parts: the ‘Grammar’ describing 33 Systems Laws and Principles and how to use them; and ‘How to think like a Systems Thinker’ which goes through 9 thought patterns involved in systems thinking. In the session he looks at the overall picture that the laws make when taken as a whole and then focuses on the 9 thought patterns, why each is important in systems, how they... Read more
In deze sessie vertrekken we vanuit de socio-technische systeemtheorie (STS). Seth heeft een lange academische opleiding en loopbaan genoten in deze wetenschap, en heeft deze benadering vervolgens met veel vallen en bijna even veel opstaan naar de praktijk gebracht in het afgelopen decennium. Een korte inleiding schetst STS als een theorie van zelfsturende teams. Aan de hand van praktijkvoorbeelden komen de mogelijkheden en beperkingen van deze t... Read more
Einführung in das Viable System Model durch Michael Frahm. Der Termin richtet sich an „VSM-Neulinge“, aber auch an alle Interessierten, welche sich eingehend mit den Basics des Models beschäftigen wollen. Nach der Präsentation und einigen Beispielen aus der Praxis besteht die Möglichkeit, Fragen zu stellen und zur allgemeinen Diskussion.
RRP: £12.99  Paperback: ‎ 245 pp: Publisher: SCiO; ISBN: ‎ 979-8414307754 If you feel as though the world has become more complex, you are not alone. There is a growing realisation of the need to deal with the complexity, uncertainty and speed of change of our world. These systemic factors increase the challenge for all of us and expose some traditional approaches which are unable to handle those challenges. This book sets out the fundame... Read more
RRP: £47.59  Paperback: ‎ 282 pp  Publisher: ‎ Lannoo Campus   ISBN‏ : ‎ 978-9401481830 Wat zijn de fundamenten voor duurzame ontwikkeling van bedrijf en mens? Hoe creëer je échte doorbraken in de kwaliteit van samenwerking? Hoe herontwerp je de organisatie van werk zo, dat de strategie gerealiseerd wordt? De meerderheid van de bedrijven slaagt er niet in wendbare organisatievormen in hun werking te verankeren. De gangb... Read more
C/S L7 Systems Thinking Practitioner Apprenticeship brochure
RRP: £8.99  Kindle eBook: ‎ 444 pp  ASIN B09RV8SS9G  English (also available in German) Nature accomplished four billion years ago what companies are still struggling with today: successful organizations that master all environmental change and endure in the long run. Understand how companies can leverage life's success principles to keep pace with 21st century change and become an adaptive and sustainable organization. Join mana... Read more
We describe the work of people who take a systems convening approach, whether they know it or not. We articulate the mindset with which they approach the work and the different dimensions of that work.It’s a context-based, non-prescriptive conceptualisation based on people’s experiences. Presenters: Bev and Etienne Wenger-Trayner; Social Learning Theorists & Consultants 
Introducing scenario planning modified for quick deployment and iteration, adding a dimension to finding solutions for business with complicated or complex systems. Julio introduces the 7 phases of the matrix: identify, classify, articulate, numbers, systems, engage and evaluate, and offers examples for how this approach can be used in real-life situations. We can prepare for an ‘unknown’ future!  Presenter: Julio Graham: Managing... Read more