Systemic Posture: Five movements for successful relationships (workshop)

Lucia Petroni
18 Septiembre 2023

When it is time for relationships in the professional realm, switching from an individualistic or interventionist approach to one with a systemic posture is a great support in professional life as well as a “life rule” for any relationship in a healthy, truthful, harmonious and effective and productive, creative way.

Lucia's workshop took participants through a number of thoughts about inter-relationship, which were used to guide dialogue and activities as a group:

1. Give what you have, accept what you need: "we learn wisdom through our experiences".

2. Acknowledge what is possible: "our stories live in each of us proving we are not on our own".

3. Adult to adult, keeping the role: "all is not right, nor wrong, it just is".

4. Give a place to the system: "it is all an invitation".

5. All including - no exclusion or judgement: "friction is what pulls our greatness".