SCiO India

SCiO India

Our vision is to be the premier professional body for systems thinking and systems practice in India. We will be at the forefront of practice-based wisdom for the business, development sector, and government agencies. We are creating a community of practice for systems enthusiasts in India. 

IndiaWe will adopt a multi-stakeholder approach to realize our vision and focus on the following three outcome areas:

Awareness and sensitization:  We will hold regular online and offline seminars and discussions on various topics pertaining to systems practice. These will focus on both general understanding of the discipline and specialist discussions on systems methodologies and application. 

Capacity building: We will organize capability building sessions for interested participants. These will be offered in the form of masterclasses, bite-sized tutorials, group / 1-1 coaching / mentoring (on request) or co-authoring of academic papers. 

Network building: We will bring together practitioners and academicians from the discipline of Systems Thinking and Systems Practice and propagate the application of various theories and models.


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SCiO India Members

Prashun Dutta

Namrata (Nnaumrata)  Arora