London open day

SCiO Global mini-Conference and AGM

Wed 4 October 2023 09:00–14:00  GMT+1
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Open Meeting
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SCiO Global mini-Conference and AGM

This meeting will be a mini-conference with four presentations and will incorporate the SCiO AGM.

Event Resources

Whatever works - Adventures of a couple of systemic consultants in IT organizations
In this light-hearted talk Ed van der Winden will share some of his experiences in trying to help IT departments move to a better place. A lot of systemic models have played a role in this: the talk will focus on examples of their practical use. Some of the more well-known models that will be discus... Read more
The purpose thing…
There is a split within Systems in both thinking and practice around purpose. Is it about ‘intention’ or is it about effects – the POSIWID position. This split is not limited to the field of systems, as an example it also splits the field of ethics, but for us in our discipline it has had enormous c... Read more
New Meta-systems Thinking for Regenerative Leadership
Socially, we see a trend in organizations toward being more conscious and sustainable. The number of companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint to zero is growing. To achieve this, new business and operational models are emerging, often focused on ecosystemic collaboration. Often a broad com... Read more
Wed 4 October 2023 09:00–14:00
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