Defeat from the jaws of victory or, why we need a collaborative strategy

John Carlisle
25 Octubre 2019

In this highly interactive session, participants will get to experience the five behavioural axioms for a successful co-operative system. The method is that of heuristic learning as the exercise comprises 10 rounds of decision-making in small teams. The decisions made by any team affect every team and the levels of trust. The experience will illustrate the five axioms below are necessary:

1. Be clear, on the nature of the relationship you expect

2. Openness

3. Be provocable

4. Be forgiving

5. Be consistent


About John Carlisle

John Carlisle is the past chair of the Deming Alliance, former Professor at Sheffield Business School and business owner of JCP. He has spent over 30 years studying organisations after having completed a major change programme in the copper mines in Zambia. Came to the UK in 1970s and taught negotiation to purchases worldwide and them moved into organisational consultancy where he met Dr. Deming. His main area of study is about negotiation and upstream (supply) organisations. He has co-authored a seminal book, Beyond Negotiation, which was the first to identify the productivity of a collaborative procurement strategy. John has introduced this strategy into blue chip companies internationally and over 200 major projects through his company JCP.