Systems Leadership, Change, Theory and Practice

Benjamin Taylor
11 Julio 2022

Systems Leadership and Systems Change are very popular phrases at the moment - search the web for a sense (and if you really want to boggle your mind). Some of it is really good, some of it is risible, and much has little to do with systems thinking or systems practice. 

This session will explore some of the existing territory and dimensions and sketch out Benjamin's approach, drawing on two of his articles from last year (reading them isn't necessary to attend): and

Benjamin is also running a  session for the systems convening community on 13 June, 12:30-13:30: systems convening, systems thinking, and systems practice - what light do systems thinking and practice shed on systems convening? What can they add? (Signup free at where Benjamin has this and other events listed). Attendance at one session is not necessary for the other.

Benjamin is on the SCiO board, a Fellow of the Cybernetics Society, and works on 'systems change' and stuff in public services. He runs RedQuadrant - offering the RedQuadrant tool shed to share methods and practices - and the Public Service Transformation Academy.