Systemic Issues in "Young Lives vs Cancer" Sector project

Young Lives vs Cancer are the largest UK charity working with children and young people with cancer and their families. We are beginning the process of developing our next corporate strategy and are taking a very long-term view. As part of this, we want to commission a significant review of the psychosocial needs of children & young people with cancer and their families, and a systems thinking review of the way they are supported by the multiagency system around them. This includes the services and influencing activity of Young Lives vs Cancer, to inform future decisions over where to invest / how best to intervene in the system. There is a significant lack of insight into these things at the moment.

We are working in collaboration with other charities operating in the children & young people’s cancer sector, who are also part of that system, so that this research will be supported by a collaboration. We want to work with a research provider to design and conduct this research. It will be a significant foundation for our sector on which to work more strategically and collaboratively in the future.

A short document (below) provides a brief overview of our thinking. This is being sent to a small number of potential suppliers in order to compile a ‘short list’ of organisations capable of fulfilling this brief. It will be developed very shortly into a full tender document, to be issued on 1st July  (timescales in doc), therefore if you would like to be considered for this process please can you email by 1 July.

Link to proposal (3 page):