Designing Intelligent Construction Projects

Michael Frahm
Carola Roll
01 Septiembre 2022

RRP: £54.95  Paperback: ‎ 252 pp  Publisher: ‎ Wiley-Blackwell;   ISBN 978-1119690825 

Designing Intelligent Construction Projects

Explore the potential impact of management cybernetics, lean methodologies, and digitalization on the construction sector

As a heavily asset-driven industry, construction is at the crossroads of a transformation. Digitalization has already begun and is acting as a beacon. Intelligently designed project organizations and systems must follow to make construction projects fit for the future.

In Designing Intelligent Construction Projects, a distinguished project manager and engineer and a lean and integrated management system manager deliver a comprehensive exploration of the fundamentals of management cybernetics, lean management in general and lean construction in particular, and construction-oriented digital tools. In the book, the authors describe how these disciplines can be combined to successfully transform construction projects.

Preliminary discussions of management cybernetics and lean management are followed by specific discussions of how these topics can be adapted to the construction industry. The book connects the principles of management cybernetics and digitalization, accessibly describing the potential impact of digitalization on construction projects.

Readers will also find:

  • Illuminating case study material that highlights how change management methodologies, game theory, and collaborative contractual design can deliver results
  • Strategies for achieving lean, viable, and digitally oriented construction leadership fit for the modern market
  • Rigorous discussions of the current and potential future impact of digitization on construction firms

Perfect for built environment professionals and practitioners, Designing Intelligent Construction Projects will also earn a place in the libraries of postgraduate and advanced undergraduate students of civil engineering, architecture, and project management with an interest in construction management.