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CSH2-5 Critical Systems Heuristics - Core Modules (1.5d)

Thu 26 January 2023 09:30–Fri 27 January 2023 14:00  GMT
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CSH2-5 Critical Systems Heuristics - Core Modules (1.5d)

This course will provide learners with a working knowledge of the CSH method and the ability to use it for understanding and diagnosing situations within organisational or social systems of interest, to the level of knowledge required to practice without direct supervision.

These four modules will provide practical skills in using CSH to diagnose boundary issues within problematic situations and their systems of interest. These modules cover:

  • how to define systems of interest within problematic situations,
  • how to model boundary issues using drivers of motivation, control, knowledge and legitimacy.
  • analysing the critical difference between As-Is and Ought-to-be perspectives,
  • systemic distinctions between those involved and those affected by a system of interest.


The training is presented by Tony Korycki, a practitioner in systems thinking, alongside methods for business improvement, process management and architecture, organisational design, quality, benefits management and operational measurement.

Tony has a Postgraduate Diploma in Systems Thinking in Practice, and has worked with professional practitioner and knowledge sharing groups for many years, in several spheres.

He is supporting author, with Patrick Hoverstadt, of the Steve Hales book ‘Reframing ITIL’; applying systems thinking to service management of Information & Communications Technology.

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Thu 26 January 2023 09:30–Fri 27 January 2023 14:00
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