Cybernetic Society programme

CybSights programmes are hosted by the Cybernetics Society ( regularly twice a month.

Attendance is free -  non-members are invited to give a donation, if they wish.  Details: can be found at

Each meeting takes a different topic within the rich field of cybernetics and invites one or more informed persons to explore it. The diet will be rich and varied and should be interesting to anyone interested in how the world works and how to make it work better for all. Meetings are open to members of the Cybernetics Society and also the general public. Non-members are invited to join or give a donation. Booking is required and you can join via one of the tickets.

There are future events planned or in planning for both including a presentation by Maturana and an online drama.  In December, the President’s series looks at why cybernetics matters along with Professor Peter Kawalek’s view of Donna Haraway’s world creation and the future of the planet.

The Cybernetics Society was founded in 1968 and in 1976 established as a specially authorised learned society registered with the FSA/FCA by an Act of Parliament. It promotes and offers shared learning, education, and research opportunities in the rich field of cybernetics. In the CybSights series, we offer insights, conversations, lectures, case studies, analysis, education, and thoughtful entertainment. Topics include business and organization science, cybernetics’ influence in various sciences, design, problem solving, practice and theory, cognition, evolution, robotics and AI, ecology, political and economic organization, philosophy, methods and methodology, biology and autopoiesis, human behaviour and perceptual control theory, and much more.