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SCiO UK Virtual Open Meeting - November 2022

Event Date ma, 11/14/2022 - 18:30 - ma, 11/14/2022 - 20:30  GMT
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Open Meeting
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SCiO UK Virtual Open Meeting - November 2022

Virtual Open Meeting: A series of presentations of general interest to Systems & Complexity in Organisation's members and others.

About this Event

SCiO organises Open Meetings to provide opportunities for practitioners to learn and develop new practice, to build relationships, networks hear about skills, tools, practice and experiences. This virtual session will be held on Zoom.

Event Resources

Moving beyond Value Conflicts: Systems Thinking in Action
Value conflicts can become entrenched in destructive patterns of mutual stigmatization, which inhibit the emergence of new understandings of the situation and actions for improvement. In extreme cases, such patterns can even lead to violence. This presentation offers a new systems theory of value ... Read more
Human Aspects of Systems - Map of Meaningful Work
I have a particular interest in the human aspect of systems, and the presentation is around the theme of what might serve as a map to help us navigate systems. The session will be based on the Map of Meaningful Work, a well validated tool for such purposes.... Read more
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