PoS2 Patterns of Strategy - Core Module (1.0d)


PoS2 Patterns of Strategy - Core Module (1.0d)

This workshop builds on the learning from Patterns of Strategy foundation (PoS1). It can be combined with PoS3 which completes the core modules.

Patterns of Strategy is a systemic approach to strategy that reveals and utilises the hidden drivers of emergent strategy. In PoS2, we’ll continue building skill in its use by exploring strategy in different relationships and from different perspectives. You might be interested in X, but so might be your competitor or a regulator, and the success of your strategy will depend on understanding all of these. We’ll also explain how to handle the practicalities of moving from strategy development to planning and execution. And there will be opportunity to apply your learning to a case and to your own strategic situation.

PoS 2 will help you:

  • Understand different ways to assess your fit with your environment: is it “to your advantage?” 
  • Understand how to develop strategy options:
    • What you want to do.
    • What others might do, in response to you or proactively.
    • What you might do in response to them (ripostes).
  • Practise these ideas assessing a current strategic situation or a case.


Trainers These courses are delivered by one of the developers of PoS:  Patrick Hoverstadt, co-author of ‘Patterns of Strategy ’ which is the text on PoS.

£500 +VAT