SysBoK, from SCiO

SysBoK is a connected Systems Thinking concepts model from Systems & Complexity in Organisations (SCiO),, and was created by a group of SCiO members during Development Events. SysBoK is currently incomplete and very much a work in progress.  The model is accessible in KUMU at:

Rather than attempting to define rigidly the key concepts in Systems Thinking, SysBoK is designed to explore relationships between these concepts, in particular by modelling which are Precedents to a Systems Thinking concept, and which are Dependent Derivatives.

The model includes examples and references for each concept, and KUMU allows us to present it as a hyper-graphic, so that as a user you can choose to focus on particular elements, groups or relationships.

If you would like to contribute towards SysBoK, or have comments that might help us to improve its' usability or content, please contact