SCiO UK Virtual Development Event - October 2022

di 18 oktober 2022 18:30–20:30  GMT+1
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Development Day
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Members only

SCiO UK Virtual Development Event - October 2022

SCiO’s Development Event offer an opportunity to draw upon the collective expertise of SCiO members in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. By taking Development Events online, using the Zoom meeting platform, we aim to make them accessible to more SCiO members

Development Events are both for members who are just starting out on a journey to explore Systems Thinking approaches, and for those who have many years of exploration and practice.

Tonight's event is a 'special' development event on culture kindly run by our Enhanced Learning Club colleagues; fellow SCiO members who have been meeting regularly to learn together on this topic. It will be interactive and a great opportunity to learn together.

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di 18 oktober 2022 18:30–20:30
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