Autopoiesis - Simplified translation from Biology to Business

Clemens Dachs (Dr)
12 september 2022

In recent decades, many people perceive that changes in professional life are accelerating. The world is becoming more and more interconnected and complex. Everything seems to be connected to everything else. Because of these changes, decisions are becoming increasingly decentralized. Employees are being given entrepreneurial responsibility. Companies expect their employees to demonstrate the same level of self-organization as self-employed people.

What self-organization skills do you need? How do you acquire them? New patent remedies are constantly being formulated in the popular forums, or old ones are being reformulated. How can one orient oneself in the constantly growing number of methods? Is there a common logical basis that helps one to arrange this knowledge systematically? Is there something like a map?

What can be taken as a stable basis for systematically classifying new knowledge?

If you want to have sustainable success, then use the blueprint of living beings! Living beings are extremely successful systems that can grow and thrive. That is exactly what your organization is supposed to do.