Cell Culture: A business novel about designing thriving organizations by bionic principles

Clemens Dachs (Dr)
Moritz Hornung
04 februari 2022

RRP: £8.99  Kindle eBook: ‎ 444 pp  ASIN B09RV8SS9G  English (also available in German)

Nature accomplished four billion years ago what companies are still struggling with today: successful organizations that master all environmental change and endure in the long run. Understand how companies can leverage life's success principles to keep pace with 21st century change and become an adaptive and sustainable organization.

Join manager Max Neumann up close as he organizes his ailing digitization division along the lines of living cells to escape the threat of being broken up by a new investor.

You will learn how to create thriving living organizations and understand:

  • which basic functions every living system, whether organism or organization, must realize in order to survive in the long run.
  • why lean and agile are not inventions, but discoveries that have worked together harmoniously in living cells since the beginning.
  • How to create living organizations that successfully adapt to changes in the uncertain business world.

Cell culture is:

  • an exciting, practical novel for all managers, executives, thought leaders and professionals who want to rethink and organize collaboration in their organizations.
  • the result of years of innovative research and transformation work.
  • colorful and rich in images with 59 illustrations. In addition to narrative illustrations, the novel is accompanied by 47 illustrations to facilitate understanding.