Autopoiesis: An Introduction to the Mechanisms of Self-creation in Living Beings and Organizations

Clemens Dachs (Dr)
28 april 2022

RRP: £11.50  Paperback: ‎ 100 pp ;   ISBN: ‎ 978-3756205677  (also available in German)

Who is able to synchronize the work of 100 trillion suborganizations? Who can accelerate every single process by a factor of 100 billion? Which organization has a growth rate of 100% in 20 minutes? Which organization survives and growths since 4 billion years? Life is the ultimate best-of-best-benchmark for organizations. It is time to understand the underlying principles in detail and to apply them to business. This book analyzes the system dynamics and system architecture of cells in detail, derives design principles and translates them to business.