The Hidden Power Podcast Ep 5: The Sense of Powerlessness at the Heart of Leadership with Dr. Piret Toñurist

Ed Straw
Philip Tottenham
Piret Tonurist
07 november 2020

Dr Piret Toñurist, Systems Thinking lead at the OECD’s Observatory for Public Sector Innovation talks about the sense of powerlessness at the heart of leadership. She discusses how the pandemic has offered an opportunity for change, and what transformation looks like. She characterises systems thinking as a neutral zone where the ideology of what has to be done doesn’t exist.

Themed on this question of power, our discussion looks at what power is, really, when it comes to the granular detail.

Talking Points
– Connecting knowing and doing
– The end-state fallacy, manifestos and political experiments
– Politics as a rash
– From where does innovation in schools come?

Dr. Piret Tōnurist at the OECD’s Observatory for Public Sector Innovation


…at TalTach

“Wicked” Problems

End-state fallacy

Toxteth Housing project: Welsh Streets, Liverpool