SCiO Enhanced Learning Club


SCiO is running a learning experiment - an 'Enhanced Learning Club' (ELC) - where we gather a small group of people together virtually, to learn something, apply it, and explain it. Think of it like an interactive, emergent book-club where you don't have to read books - you can gather information from any respectable source. The ELC will be self-directing, revising the study boundary, sections and relevance along the way. People will work together to unlock learning thresholds and help each other through zones of personal development.

We'll come together fairly regularly to plan, research, combine, corroborate and create artifacts of the learning (presentation, poem, artwork or similar). We hope this process will be emergent and support people's different learning styles, approaches and confidence. 

Finishing with a short presentation showing understanding and application, we will adjust the whole process and repeat once more - after which we'll do a more formal evaluation and check-in with the directors and decide the future of the ELC. 

The Enhanced Learning Club is currently mid-cycle. Four of us are meeting fortnightly to learn and apply a key systemic principle - and definitely finding our own way through it. It's been challenging; those parts where you can't see the next step, or when you just can't grasp the point. It's also been hugely rewarding; we've worked together, helping each other across thresholds, over boundaries and relishing each other's experience and perspective. We are an engaged bunch with a passion for propagation - we've chosen to share what we're learning in a 'guide' of some sorts - hoping to make systemic principles more accessible and therefore more applied. Alongside this we will provide a breadcrumb trail of resources people can use to deepen their learning or improve their application - or even skip our artifact and do their own research. I think we would all say we've learned a lot already, and would be keen to continue meeting for more cycles.

The Enhanced Learning Club is currently in testing. We are aiming to bring people together to explore topics/principles/models with a focus on spreading systems knowledge, practice and awareness. A bit like a book club, but with a sustainable output that can be shared. Please register your interest, or ask any questions