The Enneagram of Enquiry

Paul Hollingworth
19 October 2015

The interacting forces between the elements of Authentic Enquiry (AE) are not exposed for consideration by the usual linear 8 or 9 stage process.  Paul's experience is that enquiry is non-linear process, involving several loops and iterations before progressing. He proposes that the elements of AE should form a system from which emerges knowledge generation. 

Might the nine-fold enneagram device provide inspiration for a more dynamic enquiry methodology? 

The Armenian polymath George Gurdjieff introduced the enneagram to the Western world over 100 years ago. Since then, this evocative symbol has influenced the minds of many great thinkers including; Ouspensky, Bennett, Huxley, Priestley, Foster and Beer. It was Stafford Beer who personally introduced Paul to the Enneagram in 1994.

In this presentation, Paul will expose the structure of the enneagram and how the AE process may be deployed across what Beer called the ‘fascinating internal reverberations’ of this model to bring a systemic coherence to Authentic Enquiry.

Paul is an independent consultant in strategic organisational development. He is also author of a series of iBooks entitled Leadership for Transformation, and holds an MSc (distinction) in Systems, Learning and Leadership.