How Can We Lead Transformative Change

Gioia Caminada
10 July 2023

Gioia (pron. Joya) Caminada will illustrate a model for leading transformative change based on the human dimensions of acting, feeling, being and thinking she designed drawing from psychologist Paul Watzlawick’s theory of transformative change. She will use the case study of Colombia’s Escuela Nueva (new school) system as an example of transformation within a complex system.

Paul Watzlawick was a family therapist, communication theorist, Stanford professor and one of the most influential figures of the Mental Research Institute of Palo Alto, California.

Gioia is a learning designer and facilitator who specializes in transformation and language acquisition. Her collaborations include the University of London and the Italian Cultural Institute. You can learn more about her here, and more about her approach to transformation here.'

There is more information at the Escuela Nueva case study: There are quite a few other pieces of research on ‘Escuela nueva Colombia’ available to view online.