Making it Personal: Viable Systems, NLP & A Body-Mind of Knowledge

Paul King
17 July 2017

Gregory Bateson’s influence reaches deep into the fabric of NLP which can be defined in essence as ‘the study of the structure of subjective experience’. All its major techniques are based on cybernetic principles. We will explore some key systemic NLP concepts and what these might offer the conversation between the inner world of the individual and the larger systems that form its life conditions. We might also explore why Bateson developed a close friendship and appreciation for the work of my Tai Chi teacher!

Paul is an experienced coach and consultant, and co-founder of The Beyond Partnership. His work and that of Beyond  explores and brings together multiple descriptions addressing the issues arising within and between the inner and outer games of individuals, teams and organisations. This includes collaborating with Nora Bateson, the poet David Whyte, the neuro-biologist Andrew Curran and the disciplines of NLP, Spiral Dynamics, Somatics and Tai Chi plus working with horses – a web of repeating patterns, and metaphors.