Meta Causal Loop Modelling

Miguel Pantaleon
18 September 2023

Standard Causal Loop Diagrams from systems dynamics are very effective tools for describing and structuring complex problems. It enables conversations and brings different perspectives into the analysis for improving the decision-making process.

However, Causal Loop Diagrams have three main limitations, i) The nature of the relationships prevents integrating people into the model effectively, ii) Navigation complexity increases exponentially as the size of the map grows, iii) The variables or conceptualisations of the problem cannot store additional information that can be relevant to the problem.

To solve or reduce these limitations I developed the Meta Causal Loop Diagram, the integration of causal loop diagrams into a graph database technology to adapt the exploration of complex problems to human logic through the use of natural query language.

Meta Causal Loop Diagram has proved to be valuable to identify key stakeholders, their incentives and structural constraints in peace research and political settlement processes in conflicts, revealing opportunities in net zero strategies, improving the fragility and resilience analysis or identifying social areas for improvement in social services.