Organizational Transformation & Learning: A Cybernetic Approach to Management and Organization

Raul Espejo
Werner Schuhmann
Markus Schwaninger
Ubaldo Bilello
21 May 1996

RRP: £63   Hardcover: 368 pages   Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (21 May 1996)   ISBN: 0471961825
Complexity is the core issue of organizational concern for the age we have entered, not just for the year 2000 but for the new century we are about to enter. The purpose of this book is showing, both theoretically and practically, how organizational and managerial cybernetics can contribute to this core issue. The authors offer a holistic view of both organizations and individual actions. They provide a framework to relate and organize the myriad activities natural to today's business. It offers a framework to account for organizational complexity, align strategic processes and organization structure and information systems. It also develops further the Viable System Model as a framework for organizational diagnosis and design.