Restoring Democracy - Systematically

Bay Jordan
18 April 2016

This talk will look at some of the symptoms of a democracy that is clearly under attack; some of the toxins that are attacking it and some systemic solutions that offer an antidote and that will help restore it.

Bay Jordan, Director of Zealise Limited is the author of several books including, "Lean Organisations Need FAT People" and "The Democracy Delusion: How to Restore True Democracy and Stop Being Duped."

Bay is a Chartered Accoutant with financial and change experience in premier and blue chip organisations in Southern Africa, Canada and the UK. A conviction that organisations could do considerably, and sustainably, better if people were better managed led him to write his first book, "Lean Organisations Need FAT People" and to found his company, Zealise Limited. He recently published "The Democracy Delusion" to challenge wider socio-economic and political management issues, and offer new solutions.

To learn more about Zealise, visit their website at www.zealise.con or to find out more about Bay and his books visit Alternatively you can check out his profile on LinkedIn/