System Dynamics: Modeling, Simulation and Analysis: Practical guide with examples for the design of industrial, economic, biological, engineering and environmental models.

Juan Martín García
28 May 2020

RRP: £34.41  Paperback: ‎ 339 pp  Publisher: ‎ Independently published ;   ISBN 979-8649370226

This book offers a time-efficient approach for readers to acquire step-by-step knowledge in the formation and construction of dynamic models using Vensim.

It addresses the challenge of working with minimal current and historical data by providing simulation models that accommodate such analyses. By constructing realistic hypotheses and elaborate behavior models, students can effectively utilize the Vensim software for model construction and simulation.

By the end of the book, readers will be able to:

- Understand the components of a complex system.
- Analyze the natural evolution of the system under study.
- Develop a comprehensive model of the system and demonstrate it using simulation software.
- Perform simulations with the model to predict the system's behavior.

Overall, this book equips readers with practical skills and knowledge to effectively model and simulate complex systems using Vensim.

The book contains downloadable material !

Environmental Area

1. Population Growth
2. Ecology of a Natural Reserve
3. Effects of the Intensive Farming
4. The Fishery of Shrimp
5. Rabbits and Foxes
6. A Study of Hogs
7. Ingestion of Toxins
8. The Barays of Angkor
9. The Golden Number

Management Area

10. Production and Inventory
11. CO2 Emissions
12. How to Work More and Better
13. Faults
14. Project Dynamics
15. Innovatory Companies
16. Quality Control
17. The impact of a Business Plan

Social Area

18. Filling a Glass
19. A Catastrophe Study
20. The Young Ambitious Worker
21. Development of an Epidemic
22. The Dynamics of Two Clocks

Mechanical Area

23. The Tank
24. Study of the Oscillatory Movements
25. Design of a Chemical Reactor
26. The Butterfly Effect
27. The Mysterious Lamp

Advanced Exercises (Vensim PLE PLUS)

28. Import data from an Excel file
29. Building Games and Learning Labs
30. Interactive models
31. Input Output Controls
32. Sensitivity Analysis


I. Guide to creating a model
II. Functions, Tables and Delays
III. Frequently Asked Questions FAQs
IV. Download the models of this book

The author

Juan Martín García is teacher and a worldwide recognized expert in System Dynamics, with more than twenty years of experience in this field. Ph.D. Industrial Engineer (Spain) and Postgraduated Diploma in Business Dynamics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT (USA). He teaches Vensim online courses in based on System Dynamics.