Viable Project Business: A Bionic Management System for Large Enterprises

Clemens Dachs (Dr)
07 December 2020

RRP: £106.91  Paperback: ‎ 384 pp  Publisher‏: Springer;1st ed. 2021 edition;   ISBN: ‎978-3030629069

This book develops best practices for collaboration between teams within large organizations, and demonstrates how an optimal environment for teamwork can improve business processes. To do so, it analyzes the system dynamics of living organisms and applies the results to the business environment.

The book employs a consistent approach, applying recent advances in molecular biology to the structure and design of large industrial organizations. These insights from molecular biology are used to define the requirements for a practicable business management system based on the ISO 9000 criteria. The outcome is a viable and feasible system that can be used to design large organizations, e.g. by manufacturers of industrial equipment. In addition, four case studies are used to show how such a biologically inspired system can be implemented to positively and significantly impact business.