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Gioia (pron. Joya) Caminada will illustrate a model for leading transformative change based on the human dimensions of acting, feeling, being and thinking she designed drawing from psychologist Paul Watzlawick’s theory of transformative change. She will use the case study of Colombia’s Escuela Nueva (new school) system as an example of transformation within a complex system. Paul Watzlawick was a family therapist, communication theorist, Stanfo... Read more
SCiO recommends that attendees watch, prior to introductory CSH training, a short video overview, that presents terms and concepts used in the course. The video can be seen at:
The global food system suffers from some of the same vulnerabilities as the global finance system in the approach to 2008. Policy makers have ignored repeated warnings in the scientific literature that it is losing its resilience. The amplification of shocks to the system is likely to explain one of the most disturbing of all global trends: following decades in which chronic hunger declined, since 2015 it has been rising. A systems approach is es... Read more
Organisations looking to follow strategies for social or environmental sustainable operation need to make sure that their people have the necessary knowledge and skills to enable this to happen. The complexity of the sustainability challenge makes systems thinking a powerful tool to use in developing learning and development strategies. Drawing on his recently published book, "Learning strategies for sustainable organisations", Bryan Hopkins will... Read more
The following article is an introduction to the design of megaproject organizations based on the viable system model. It combines approaches from project management with approaches from systems theory. The understanding of complexity and how it is effectively managed by the organizational code is a central theme. After referring to current research and a short introduction, the application is shown by using an example. The article shows how impor... Read more
Vortrag von Matvei Tobman, Chirung und Risikomanager im Krankenhaus. Nach einer kurzen Vorstellung des VSM als zentrale Struktur des Vortrags, werden verschiedene Führungsstrukturen und Tools des Krankenhausmana-gements (GF, Risikomanagement, QM, Controlling usw.) den VSM-Systemen zugeordnet. Besonderer Schwerpunkt liegt hierbei auf dem Zusammenspiel verschiedener Systeme sowie dem Einfluss von Umweltveränderungen wie Gesetzgebung, Änderungen der... Read more
Speakers: Anne Pender, University College Dublin; and Dr. Tadhg O’Mahoney,  Research Fellow at  Dublin City University Centre for Climate & Society, and an expert advisor at the Finland Futures Research Centre.
The talk will be in two sections, the first on the emerging organization of systems as they grow. The second will be on ways of a) leaving them alone or b) helping them steer. So far, science has given less attention to how nature works by itself, giving much more to how people can make rules for controlling it, and that seems to be a principal reason for our current global crisis. Part 1. The science. Natural systems emerge from some energizing... Read more
Systems Thinking Practitioner Apprenticeship – Level 7 Delivered by Cherith Simmons Leadership and Development in partnership with SCiO – Systems and Complexity in Organisation, the professional body for systems practitioners in the UK. The broadest and deepest master’s level systems thinking course available to apprentices in the UK. 100% UK Government funded through an employer’s apprenticeship levy; 95% funded without the levy.
Sistemas + Diseño + Datos. ¿Es esta la fórmula para desarrollar soluciones que den respuesta a los problemas complejos a los que nos enfrentamos? Nur Karadeniz, en nuestra segunda sesión internacional, nos hablará de cómo usa el pensamiento sistémico en el proceso de diseño. Activa los subtítulos y la traducción automática para verlos en castellano.