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SCiO DACH Buch Club mit Dr. Martin Pfiffner und seinem fantastischen Buch „Die dritte Dimension des Organisierens“ erschienen 2020 bei Springer/ Gabler mit 348 Seiten für 34.99 € als Taschenbuch. eBook ISBN: 978-3-658-29247-8, Softcover ISBN: 978-3-658-29246-1 Donnerstag den 28.01.2021 von 16:00 bis 17:30 Uhr GMT virtuell Die 1. Dimension; die Aufbauorganisation Die 2. Dimension; die Ablauforganisation Die 3. Dimension des Organisierens; das ... Read more
If systems thinking offers great power, what does great responsibility look like? Benjamin developed the ‘four quadrants of thinking threats’ with the involvement of the SCiO Board (but accepts all responsibility), a simple model seeking to help us all to identify some of the inherent risks in the potential of systems thinking, cybernetics, and complexity to help us to ‘see more’ and ‘know differently’. We will explore physically and intellect... Read more
The latest Gallup data demonstrates that 66% of the workforce is either sabotaging their workplace, or do not care, and six out of ten millennials are looking for a new job. In contrast, in the highest performing organizations, 70% of the workforce is actively engaged with their workplace, drive everyday innovation, create unparalleled customer value, and grow both personally and professionally. Understanding leadership as an organizational syst... Read more
RRP 49,99 €; vHerausgeber : Springer Vieweg; 1. Aufl. 2021 Edition (5. Januar 2021); Taschenbuch : 202 Seiten; Sprache : Deutsch; ISBN : 3658309822 Groß - und Megaprojekte zeichnen sich besonders durch Ihre Komplexität aus. Damit wirksam umzugehen, ist Gegenstand dieses „Management“-Buches. Dabei werden die den Organisationssystemen zu Grunde liegenden Strukturen mit Ansätzen aus den System- und Komplexitätswissenschaften verständlich gemac... Read more
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[Presentation is in Dutch]   In common parlance ‘systems thinking’ is understood as ‘thinking in systems’ (as the title of Donella Meadows’ posthumously published, widely read book suggests). It relies on systems concepts — such as stocks, flows, feedback loops, network and hierarchy — to structure the problem solving process in relation to particular design challenges. ‘Systems practice’ goes beyond that. It is ‘systems thinking and doing’, or ... Read more
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RRP: £106.91  Paperback: ‎ 384 pp  Publisher‏: Springer;1st ed. 2021 edition;   ISBN: ‎978-3030629069 This book develops best practices for collaboration between teams within large organizations, and demonstrates how an optimal environment for teamwork can improve business processes. To do so, it analyzes the system dynamics of living organisms and applies the results to the business environment. The book employs a consistent approach, applying... Read more
Systems have formed a significant part of science over many-a-year... scholars such as; Ludwig von Bertalanffy, Peter Checkland, Ross Ashby, Russell Ackoff, Stafford Beer and many more have discussed, debated and placed front and centre the importance of ‘Systems Thinking’ in helping us to deal with, make sense of the complexities that we witness first-hand every day. With many black swan events in recent times, all of which seem to have a natur... Read more
This session is a brief introduction to what Critical Systems Heuristics (CSH) is, how it fits, where it applies, how it works in a nutshell, and how it relates to other methods in the Systems Thinking meta-approach. There’s also a simplified practical example of CSH in practice, and hopefully a chance for some discussion about applying the method.   About Tony: Tony is a specialist in organisational improvement, including leadership and manag... Read more
For this final episode of series 1, I wanted to build on Buckminster Fuller’s idea of our planet – our habitat and life-support system – as being like a spaceship – Spaceship Earth, as he calls it – and building on this idea to use two related models for our discussion: the post-crash analysis and the preflight checklist First we look at the globally used post-crash analysis as a model for investigating governance – “It’s important that they are... Read more
Dr Piret Toñurist, Systems Thinking lead at the OECD’s Observatory for Public Sector Innovation talks about the sense of powerlessness at the heart of leadership. She discusses how the pandemic has offered an opportunity for change, and what transformation looks like. She characterises systems thinking as a neutral zone where the ideology of what has to be done doesn’t exist. Themed on this question of power, our discussion looks at what power i... Read more