Systems Thinking Apprenticeship (SCiO and Cherith Simmons)

SCiO will be supplying world-class systems practitioner-tutors and supporting curriculum and approach for Cherith Simmons Learning and Development who provide the Level 7 Systems Thinking Practitioner Apprenticeship.
For those in England, this opens up the potential of this two-and-a-half year, day release, post-graduate qualification with government funding of up to £18,000 per person, fully supported by expert tutors, comprehensive learning materials, and a learning management system that actually supports learning.

There are many risks and issues with professionalising a field, of which we are well aware.

This is a practice-based, portfolio assessed programme which draws on core systems approaches and practice skills, where you'll be supported in your job to actually put the learning into practice right away - and evaluated on how you do so, and how you build in continual learning.

It's been designed by practitioners for practitioners - people who have not just read a book on it, but the people who not only wrote the books, but more importantly, have been there, done it and know about all (or at least most) of the pitfalls and can guide people away from them.