London open day

SCiO UK Virtual Open Meeting - January 2023

Mon 23 January 2023 18:30–20:30  GMT
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Open Meeting
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SCiO UK Virtual Open Meeting - January 2023

Virtual Open Meeting: A series of presentations of general interest to Systems & Complexity in Organisation's members and others.

About this Event

SCiO organises Open Meetings to provide opportunities for practitioners to learn and develop new practice, to build relationships, networks hear about skills, tools, practice and experiences. This virtual session will be held on Zoom.

Event Resources

A Systems Approach to Investigation and Problem Solving
The terms ‘Accident’ and ‘Incident’, while in general accepted usage, are not helpful to professional in-company investigators. The proposition is that it is more useful to consider such events as failures of ‘Human Activity Systems’. This methodology, Kelvin TOP-SET, was initially developed to gi... Read more
Mon 23 January 2023 18:30–20:30
This is an online event.
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