Are Viable Companies Alive? Does it Matter?

Angus Jenkinson
20 January 2020

The Viable System Model is one of the key capabilities that SCiO has focused on. It’s an implementation of cybernetics. “Viable system” suggests living system — and vibrant systems feel alive. Are they? Can organisations be organisms? And what difference would that make? This questions our questions and stimulates provocations. At a time when science is regenerating, does management need to as the same? If we start thinking organically, how many of our mechanistic systems assumptions do we have to challenge? What happens to the design of change or strategy or control` if an organisation is organic? What does it mean for identity, policy, and policies?

Angus Jenkinson has spent decades researching these questions through transdisciplinary theory and transcultural practice. He is writing a book and will share provisional findings and fundamental principles.