Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis and Decision Conferencing

Peter Miles
19 October 2015

Peter will give an introduction to Multi Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) and Decision Conferencing: what these techniques are used for; where they came from; and how they are used in combination to support collaborative decision-making. Case studies will be used to illustrate real-world applications, including options appraisal, strategic portfolio optimisation and systems engineering. Underlying core principles and methods such as scoring and weighting will be introduced and explained, with typical outcomes illustrated by visualisations. Finally there will be space for reflection on how MCDA fits within the broader domains of collaborative sense-making, complexity and systems thinking.

Peter is a consultant and facilitator at Catalyze, using software models to help groups with collective sense-making and participatory decision-making. He trained in electronics; worked as engineer, project manager and marketer; and managed a division of a global business. He is interested in complexity science, human behaviour, and tools to assist collaboration and collective action. Peter is a non-exec director of SCiO.