Organizational Learning II: Theory, Method, and Practice

Chris Argyris
Donald Schon
04 November 1995

RRP: £59   Paperback : 336 pages   ISBN : 0201629836  Publisher : FT Press; 2nd edition (4 Oct. 1995)   Language: : English

A member of the PH OD Series! Organizational Learning II expands and updates the ideas and concepts of the authors' ground- breaking first book. With new examples and the most up-to-date information on the technical aspects of organizational and management theory, Argyris and Schon demonstrate how the research and practice of organizational learning can be incorporated in today's business environment. KEY TOPICS: Features chapters focused around the Introduction to Organizational Learning; Defensive Reasoning And The Theoretical Framework That Explains It; Inquiry-Enhancing Intervention and Its Theoretical Basis; and Strengths and Weaknesses Of Consultation and Research In The Field Of Organizational Learning.