Systems-Centered® - Working with Differences Differently

Rowena Davis
20 January 2020

In common with all living human systems, organisations need differences to develop and transform. And yet, in organisations, as in all living human systems, we often dismiss, attack or try to convert differences. Indeed, we are primed neurologically to do this – our Flight, Fight, Freeze responses. Agazarian’s systems-centered method of functional subgrouping offers a way to lower our reactivity to differences, and to increase our capacity to stay open and curious in the face of the unknown and problem-solve.

In this interactive session, Rowena Davis will give an overview of Agazarian’s Theory of Living Human Systems (TLHS), including how boundaries open to similarity and close to difference and how the context we are part of impacts on our ability to work functionally in our roles. We will practise the core Systems-centered method of functional subgrouping and review the systems-centered map of phases of team development to make sense of organisational dynamics. We will reflect and review our experiences in the workshop. This is a hands-on session where we will use the methods in the here-and-now, hopefully having fun and creating an open learning system.

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