Systems Thinking Focussed Workplace Learning Groups

Mike Haber
Tim James
17 October 2016

Mike Haber, a University IT Team Leader, and Tim James, a Health Care Commissioner, met at a recent SCiO Development Day and discovered they were independently leading Systems Thinking focussed workplace learning groups.

In a time of tight or non-existent training budgets, both have tapped into a real appetite for bottom-up informal learning groups. They have also found a particular thirst among their colleagues for learning about genuine approaches to deal with complex organisational problems beyond the more typical Project Management Office style “solutions”.

The two groups are quite different in their approaches. One structured, one more free-form. One focussed on tools and process, one more about personal learning styles and perspectives of systems.

This talk will explore their motivations, the similarities and differences between the groups, the reasons for those differences, and what can be learned from them for anyone thinking about establishing their own group.