Systemic Approach to Architectural Performance

Marie Davidova
13 July 2020

...The Hyperobjective Media and Agency in Co-creative Design Processes:

The session by Marie Davidova will focus on Systemic Approach to Architectural Performance (SAAP) design field and hyperobjectivity of its prototypes. The field discusses the question of cities’ adaptation to climate change and biodiversity loss. Current environmental ecology research shows that species that have adapted to agricultural land hundreds of years ago are recently adapting for life within the cities. Our agricultural land has become so toxic, due to pesticides, etc., that the built environment now offers them better living conditions. Our cities therefore need to adapt for such co-living situation.

The research demonstrates this through full-scale eco-systemic prototypical urban interventions and their historical context studies. It considers not only the prototypes’ design and creation process but also their performance within the ‘real life’ environment. This covers observations of their generative codesigning agency across the bio-technological eco-system and speculations of their futures. This is including human and non-human, living and non-living communities. Further on, the work reaches larger scale and layer through spreading its parametric DIY recipes and codes for prototypes’ locally adapted iterations for communities across the world.

SAAP is fusion of process‐based fields formally initiated by integration of Systems Oriented Design and Performance Oriented Architecture. It develops methodology and generates theory through experimental practice. SAAP involves Time Based Eco‐Systemic Trans-Disciplinary Co‐Design that is performed by both biotic and abiotic agents, including humans. It belongs to broader field of Systemic Design, considering overall eco-system.


About Dr. Marie Davidova

Marie Davidová, MArch, MNAL, ARB, Ph.D. is a lecturer (teaching & research) at the Welsh School of Architecture (WSA) where she leads Synergetic Landscapes Unit in MAAD program. She is a founding member and chair of Collaborative Collective practice design-research network NGO and a founding member of Systemic Design Association. Marie is a practising architect registered in Norway and UK, researcher and educator. She has defended her PhD thesis ‘Wood as a Primary Medium to Eco-Systemic Performance: The Case Study in Systemic Approach to Architectural Performance’ (Davidová, 2017) in Architecture: Theory and Creation in January 2018 at the Czech Technical University in Prague, the Faculty of Architecture (FA CTU), MOLAB Department. The thesis was developed under the supervision of Miloš Florián (FLO|W) and Birger Sevaldson (Ocean Design Research Association) and represents an in-depth case study investigation within SAAP design field. At this department, Marie had been also collaborating as a scientific consultant in studios FLO|W and PETMAT between 2013 and 2017. Before joining WSA, she has been a researcher and principal investigator of Systemic Approach to Architectural Performance (SAAP) project held at the Faculty of Art and Architecture at the Technical University of Liberec (FUA TUL) in cooperation with the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO).